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Wrapping & Joint Repairs

Pipeline joint wrapping is a specialised process used to protect and strengthen the joints of pipelines, especially in areas where the pipeline is exposed to high levels of stress, corrosion or potential damage. The wrapping process involves the following steps.


Before the wrapping process begins, the surface of the pipeline joint must be cleaned and prepared to ensure that the wrapping material adheres properly. This may involve sandblasting or other cleaning methods to remove dirt, rust, or other contaminants.


Once the surface is clean and dry, a layer of primer is applied to the joint to enhance the adhesion of the wrapping material and left to dry.


Once the primer has dried, the wrapping material is applied to the joint in a spiral or helical pattern, with each wrap overlapping the previous one by 50% or more. The wrapping material may be made of various materials, such as denzo tape, bitumen tape, fiberglass, carbon fibre, or Kevlar, depending on the level of stress, corrosion or pressure the joint is exposed to.


After the wrapping is applied, it is cured. This may involve the application of heat or a chemical catalyst to activate the bonding process and ensure that the wrapping material
adheres properly.


Once the wrapping is cured, the joint is inspected to ensure that the wrapping is applied evenly and that there are no gaps or areas of weakness. The Mainline team makes any necessary touch-ups or repairs before the pipeline is put back into service. Pipeline joint wrapping is an effective way to protect pipeline joints from damage or stress and extend the life of the pipeline. It is commonly used in areas where the pipeline is exposed to corrosive substances, high temperatures, or other environmental factors that can weaken the joint. The wrapping process is relatively simple and can be done quickly, minimizing downtime and disruption to the pipeline system.

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