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Primus Liner

The Primus pipelining process is a trenchless method used to rehabilitate damaged pipelines without the need for excavation or replacement. Here’s a general overview of the process:


Before the specialized pipelining process can begin, the pipeline must be inspected to identify any defects or damage. This may involve using a variety of methods, such as CCTV inspection, to identify the extent of the damage and determine the best approach for repair.


Once the inspection is complete, the pipeline is cleaned to remove any debris or obstructions. This may involve using hydro jetting or other methods to ensure that the interior of the pipe is clear and ready for the pipelining process.


The lining material is then installed in the pipeline using a winch. The lining material is typically composed of a Kevlar hose fabric, which is inserted into the pipeline and then inflates to conform to the shape of the pipe when under working pressure.


After the lining is installed and cured, it is inspected by Mainline’s team of experts to ensure that it meets the necessary quality standards. Any necessary touch-ups or repairs are made before the pipeline is put back into service. The Primus pipelining process is an effective method for rehabilitating damaged pipelines and extending the life of the pipeline without the need for excavation or replacement. It is a non-invasive method that minimizes disruption to the surrounding environment and reduces the need for additional clean-up. It is also a cost effective solution that can save time and money compared to traditional pipeline repair methods.

Requirement Existing Service Rehabilitation & Repair
Specialist Service Offering Primus Liner
Miscellaneous Civil Works
Foul Sewer / Stormwater / Sleeve
Water / Gas
Size Limitations 150mm - 600mm

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