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Pipeline Descaling

Pipeline descaling is a process used to remove mineral deposits and other build-up from the inside of pipelines. Over time, pipelines can accumulate deposits of minerals, scale, rust, and other materials that can reduce the flow of fluids and compromise the structural integrity of the pipeline. Descaling is a specialized method of cleaning and restoring pipelines to their optimal condition. Here’s a general overview of the process:


The first step in pipeline descaling is to inspect the pipeline to assess the extent and type of build-up that needs to be removed.


Once the pipeline has been inspected by Mainline’s team of experts, it is prepared for descaling. This may involve flushing the pipeline with water to remove any loose debris and ensuring that the surrounding area is clear of any obstacles.


The descaling process typically involves the use of specialized equipment, such as high-pressure water jets or mechanical scrapers, to remove the build-up from the inside of the pipeline. The equipment is typically inserted into the pipeline through a small access point and is operated remotely, minimizing the need for excavation or other disruptive measures.


As the descaling process proceeds, the removed materials are collected and disposed of in accordance with local regulations and environmental guidelines.


After the descaling process is complete, the pipeline is inspected to ensure that all build-up has been removed and that the pipeline is functioning properly. This may involve using cameras or sensors to inspect the cleaned area and conducting pressure tests to ensure that the pipeline is structurally sound.

Pipeline descaling can be an effective method of restoring pipelines to their optimal condition and minimizing the need for more extensive repairs or replacement. Mainline follows industry best practices and guidelines when performing pipeline descaling, and we ensure that all equipment and personnel involved are properly trained and equipped to carry out the work safely and effectively.

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