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EDM Rubber Coupling

EDM (Elastomeric Dual-Seal) rubber couplers are a type of flexible joint used in underground pipelines to connect pipes of different materials or sizes. They are made of a high-quality synthetic rubber material that is designed to withstand the rigors of underground applications, including exposure to chemicals, abrasion, and weathering. EDM rubber couplers offer a number of benefits over traditional rigid pipe joints, including increased flexibility and resilience, reduced risk of leaks and failures, and improved overall pipeline performance. The installation of EDM rubber couplers involves the following steps:


Before installing the coupler, the ends of the pipes to be joined must be cleaned and prepared to ensure a proper fit. Any debris or rough edges should be removed, and the pipes should be free of any dirt or other contaminants.


Once the pipes are prepared, a lubricant should be applied to the interior of the coupler to aid in the installation process. This will help the coupler slide easily onto the pipes and ensure a tight, secure fit.


The EDM rubber coupler is then inserted onto the end of one of the pipes, using a twisting motion to ensure that the coupler is fully engaged with the pipe. The other end of the coupler is then inserted onto the other pipe, using the same twisting motion.


Once the coupler is in place, it should be secured with stainless steel clamps or other fasteners to prevent it from slipping or moving during operation. The clamps should be tightened evenly to ensure a secure and leak-free joint. EDM rubber couplers are an effective and efficient solution for joining underground pipelines, offering a high degree of flexibility and resilience that can help prevent leaks, failures, and other problems associated with rigid pipe joints. Their simple and straightforward installation process makes them a popular choice for a wide range of pipeline applications, from wastewater and sewage systems to water supply and distribution networks.

Requirement Pipeline Joints
Specialist Service Offering EDM Rubber Coupling
Miscellaneous Civil Works
Foul Sewer / Stormwater / Sleeve
Water / Gas
Size Limitations Various

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