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Auger Boring

Underground pipeline auger boring is a specialized trenchless method used to install pipelines without disturbing the surface or existing infrastructure. This method is typically used for installing pipelines under roads, railways, or other obstacles. Here’s a general overview of the process:


Before beginning any cleaning or blockage removal work, it’s important to first inspect the pipeline to identify the location and severity of the blockage, as well as any
other issues that may need to be addressed.


The first step in underground pipeline auger boring is to prepare the site for the installation. This involves the Mainline team identifying the location and depth of the pipeline and marking the entry and exit points.


Once the site has been prepared, the specialized auger boring equipment is set up. This typically involves drilling a pilot hole from the entry point to the exit point.


After the pilot hole has been drilled, the auger is inserted into the hole and guided through the bore path using a laser guidance system. The auger bores through the ground, creating a tunnel for the pipeline to be installed.


Once the auger has bored through the ground, the pipeline is installed inside the tunnel. This may involve pulling the pipe through the tunnel using a winch or pushing it through using a hydraulic pipe thruster.


After the pipeline has been installed, the borehole is backfilled and the site is restored to its original condition. Underground pipeline auger boring is a relatively fast and costeffective method of installing pipelines without disrupting surface traffic or infrastructure.

Requirement New Underground Service Installation
Specialist Service Offering Auger Boring
Miscellaneous Civil Works
Foul Sewer / Stormwater / Sleeve
Water / Gas
Size Limitations 150mm - 900mm

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